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Art Glass Bowls

Colored glass, previously fired glass, frit and sometimes dichroic glass are fired flat then a second firing transforms the raw materials into and art glass bowl.

Cobalt Blue Meadow Glass Bowl

Outer part of bowl is cobalt blue with yellow highlights. Inside is light green with white highlights.

Abstract Fish Glass Bowl

This extremely detailed bowl with random stripes of color has a look similar to a school of tiny fish. The detailed center was made from pieces of fired glass color strips.  The outer edge and backside have a gold yellow color.  This bowl required three firings.

Dichro Flame Bowl

Black bowl with bumpy texture surrounded by color changing dichroic glass highlights.  Dichroic glass separates color from light.  Some color is passed through and the remaining color is reflected.  The colors change or shift as the viewing angle changes.  

Aurora Waves Bowl Glass Bowl

Bowl with multiple colors using dichroic glass, glass strips, streamers, and small blobs.

Color Swirl Glass Bowl

Crushed colored glass also known as frit mixed with clear in a swirl pattern.

Brown/Brick Red Speck Glass Bowl

Brown, brick red, yellow and white crushed glass was used to make this kiln fired bowl.

Jewelry Art Glass Platter

Sky blue and bright green art glass platter with colored glass globs. Makes a great jewelry platter.

Pink and Lavender Wavy Art Glass Bowl

Cranberry pink, lavender and white glass bowl with frit and glass pieces. The cranberry pink color comes from a gold oxide.

Color Bar Art Glass Bowl

A bar of glass around one inch thick was made with white and transparent colored glass then slices were cut to use in creating this bowl call the Color Bar Glass Bowl.

Colorful Art Glass Bowl

Bowl with lots of color including gold pink.  Has strips of clear for texture.

Green Turquoise Blue Sea Glass Art Bowl

Colorful turquoise blue and green sea inspiring bowl with a piece of glass bar fired into it.

Black and White Streamer Art Glass Bowl

Art glass bowl made with clear, white and black glass including frit and streamers.